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What You Need To Know About SVoD: A Guide For Starters

In no time at all, the OTT video streaming industry will experience a growth that will reach $5 billion based on estimates. And that is not too far off today.

Today’s television viewers are slowly veering away from cable, and thus many companies are keen on getting into the SVoD churn to avoid being left behind by competition. However, few really know what SVoD is and what it means to bring it into a business, as well as a wealth of other things like video OTT, OTT data analytics, etc. To stay in business, it takes knowing these things inside out.

Those who would like to take a slice of that pie need to step up their game and quickly get into position. Below is a simple guide to walk you through the basics and how giants like Netflix are making huge chunks of money. Discover more facts about data at

Definition of SVoD.

SVoD or subscription video on demand at www.wicketlabs.comis taking users by the storm with the way they are able to gain access to a range of programming on their TV screens, when they want to and how long they wish to for a regular subscription they are charged on a monthly subscription. The users are in control of their subscription, including what they want to have access to and when and for how long they desire.

It is almost like a hunger that customers cannot wrap their heads around of: how it is possible to be in full control over the media they can access---sports, movies, TV content, news---or the fact that they can stop or pause and then resume watching any of this unlimited opportunity at their convenience. There is no scheduled programming, so any content you need or want to see is available right there on your screen. You can have the ease of watching and have a wide range of choices at that, switch to any other movie or series, and much more, and be fully satisfied. Not only that; new shows and episodes as well as films are always updated so you never miss out. Really, there is nothing more to ask for, as everything has been thought of. Be sure to learn here!

Essentially, SVoD services provide unlimited access with regular billing and no need to pay fees on a per-title basis. But the business still has to be done by an ever-expanding physical distribution scheme in order for it to keep generating income.

The upside is that, as a SVoD service provider, you will be much better off than cable networks in that you will not be hampered by FCC regulations and can show whatever it is they deem an advantage to provide their customers and are not likely to face cable carriage disputes.

Almost ten years ago, the SVoD industry alone gave the American government a whopping $450 million value in revenue, which has since then only kept growing. This makes it the largest portion of the online entertainment industry in America.

The advantage of growing a SVoD business is that it is expected to grow exponentially into the next several years. In this day and age when consumers are aware of their rights and their pickings, and no longer want to be controlled by entertainment businesses dictating them what to watch and when to watch, SVoD is fast becoming the source of unfailing and satisfying entertainment. There are no more annoying advertisements to sit through, but pure unlimited entertainment without pause.

In order to get started in this business, you will need the top three essentials:

a. Technology that works. You must have the right technology for your SVoD business to start operating. A platform will enable you to reach consumers and allow them to gain access to your services by sign up and log ins. It must be capable of storing user profiles and operating paywalls safely. It needs to run smoothly in order to give a positive experience to those who will be visiting your site for sign up or information.

2. The customer base. You will not need a large audience in the initial stages of the business, just enough to cover the costs of your start-up and then some in terms of revenue, but it has to serve a group that you and only you can serve better than other existing businesses of the same kind. It will not be easy but you can find your place in the business where some areas have not yet been served in terms of the type of customer base.

(3) A plan by which you will run your business and a pricing structure. To come up with this, you need to consider well the content you will offer as well as the customer you want to reach. When you find yourself at a loss as to how to get this together and feel confident of success, there are knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the business you can consult. You may be able to gain insight with help from a company which has helped many others with the tools they have developed for websites and applications, Wicket Labs.

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